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Here at solomon's daughter we are committed to selecting the finest organic ingredients to be used in all our products. So the tale of our shea range begins in the savannahs of the West African plains!

Yes! all shea butter in our range is extracted from Karite Tree Pods, with no chemical refining. This rich golden natural butter is enriched in Vitamin E and great for use in all curly hair types to moisturise, condition and style (you heard right! style those twistouts!!). Not to mention shea butter is great to achieve soft, supple skin with a glowing complexion.

A beauty secret this fantastic is definitely worth sharing! So we have lovingly hand crafted all of our products, adding aromatic essential oils; tea tree, almond, lavender and rosemary oils; as well as sensational spices to tickle your senses!!

Leauing out undesirable chemical preservatives and bulking agents. So you can enjoy being the natural you!


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